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Shatter Mobile is the first Phone repair shop offering lifetime warranty where most repairs are done under 30 minutes!

iPhone X Repair Service
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Who We Are?

Shatter provides premium cell phone repair service with Lifetime Warranty on all iPhone screen replacement. As we started the first location we have focused our attention on the customers rather then profit to help solving the problem you’re experiencing the most efficient and most effective way.


Broken Screen

Shatter is the first company providing cracked screen repair with lifetime warranty in Roanoke area where most repairs are done under 30 minutes. The best part about it, you can book an appointment to skip the line.

Bad Battery

We all know how frustrating it is when your battery won’t hold the charge. It always dies when you need it the most. Solution is one click away. Our technicians are well prepared to get your battery back to life!

Water Damage

One careless second and all your valuable data can be gone. Water is the biggest enemy of electronic devices, however, we can help you recover your device and get it back to life.

Charging Port

When you iPhone stops charging, or you have to wiggle the cable around there might be something on the way. First step is to clean it properly without damaging your charging port. If that doesn’t help just give us a call or schedule a repair by using our website.

Broken Button

We all know how annoying when your iPhone button quits working. There could be number of reasons causing the issue, but that’s why we’re here for. Button replacements are quiet inexpensive and quick repairs.


If you not sure what the problems could be with your cell phone, simply schedule a repair using our website in order to receive free diagnostics within minutes. After finding the problem you will have the opportunity to get it fixed right away or sell your device if you choose to.

Most Commonly Serviced iPhones


Need More Info?

We integrated FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in our service page. If you don’t find the answer for you question, feel free to contact us via call, text, or Facebook Messenger any time and we will be happy to assist you finding the solution.